Over the years, we have designed several educational facilities for clients in K12 education. Our focus on functionality, circulation, and efficiency in design allows institutions to offer their pupils the best in terms of infrastructure
We manage the complete visioning of the master plan, phasing, and scheduling of the demolition of existing facilities, including the repurposing of some select facilities and tying in new design and construction with all the necessary circulation, parking, and landscape designing.
1. Design VIP 2. Engineering VIP 3. Construction VIP 4. Environmental VIP Our VIPs review client objectives, the work scope, project requirements, and constraints, with the focus on generating the highest value for the client, all within the given constraints. VIP is a PWP best practice. It uses unique tools within the PWP to identify ‘hidden biases’ and challenge routine ‘design norms’, to produce breakthrough design value for our clients.
Our service offerings include the complete interior design of our projects, including public areas such as lobbies and reception areas, and service areas such as pantries, kitchens, and public bathrooms.
We have in-depth experience in repurposing existing structures to meet new objectives and requirement.
We guide our clients in designing their projects: right from conducting feasibility studies to providing construction documents and beyond. Our project work process helps us deal with each of the stages of design and construction methodically, in a timely and efficient manner.
We provide comprehensive feasibility studies of various project types: from understanding site conditions and local and municipal rules to deriving a functional space program from the client, to recommending architectural solutions suitable to the given conditions.