What We Do.
Here are some of our city-defining moments.

From Solitaire Business Park, West Mumbai, to Trent House, BKC, to the 7 Apple Hotel in Aurangabad, our award-winning work is as versatile as it is famed.

Who We Are
Experience meets youth at Access Architects.

Since 1982, our team has boasted a small but dedicated mix of experienced professionals and young minds. This is what drives us: Passion and Innovation

Why You Should Choose Us
Value-driven architecture is shaped by an experienced hand.

With 36 years of experience in the space, Access Architects is constantly looking beyond to offer you better value in architecture.

How We Approach Architecture
Our proven work process stands on best practices and innovation.

Putting technology first, we ensure the effective use of our clients’ capital by delivering in terms of design quality, cost, and operating performance. Our work rests on four pillars: Value engineering, Breakthrough designs, Virtual reality, 3D printing (BIM)

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