There are several towering structures in Girgaon, Mumbai. But one of the first few to stand 20 storeys tall in the area was Saarthi. Developed in partnership with Shree Naman Developers, Saarthi is an exquisite building with even more exquisite beachfront apartments. In fact, the project is a sprawling luxury enclave of magnificent residences that face the tourist spot, Chowpatty.

Offering an elevated contemporary living experience, Saarthi is one of a rare kind in Mumbai. Designed to give residents the kind of life that rejuvenates, the tower inspires its inhabitants to live life to the fullest.

Standing tall on just 600 sq. mt. of Girgaon, the tower boasts unbelievable sea views and apartments with unmatched ventilation and natural lighting. Saarthi even has 6BHK duplexes that are as luxurious as they are modern in their execution.

Showcasing some of the best architectural design efforts in the city, Shree Naman Saarthi is a beauty that was built practically too. Completed in 2005, it was created with a service core at its centre and structure flares at its top. It has even been cantilevered from its core to its columns to ensure it stands sturdily, since it’s been built on a rather compact plot of land.

Saarthi is an Access Architects  project that is as tall as it is cleverly executed, and it is a breathtaking highlight of the Chowpatty skyline.

Shree Naman Developers Pvt. Ltd.


Chowpatty Road, Girgaon, Mumbai

Project Area:

48,000 Sq. Ft.

Status/ Year: