K.J.Somaiya College

K.J. Somaiya is one of Access Architect’s first educational institution projects which was completed in the year 2011. A college is a place that aims to shape the future of young, budding minds of our country – and was thus designed keeping in mind the needs of a college going student.

This project area of 1.72,000 sq.ft is located in Vidyavihar. It is a 6 story college building with full height windows that allow for ample amounts of natural light to filter through, leaving the space feeling well lit and not claustrophobic, an area that is perfectly conducive to learning. The classrooms have raked floors that allow the entire class of students to get a complete view of what is going on at the front of the classroom, and also allows for the faculty to provide individualistic attention to each student.

The college has an in-built amphitheatre for larger lectures, conferences, seminars and other large group activities of the college.

The building is curved and due to its different shape, it has been provided with PVD coated aluminium panels. These panels change their colour when viewed from different angles, thus giving the building a defining feature, that students can uniquely attribute to K J Somaiya college.


Somaiya Trust


Vidyavihar, Mumbai

Project Area:

1,72,000 Sq. Ft.

Status/ Year: